Summer’s Market Candle, Fresh Coffee, 3 Size Options
Summer’s Market Candle, Fresh Coffee, 3 Size Options

Summer’s Market Candle, Fresh Coffee, 3 Size Options

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If you love the smell of freshly ground coffee you will LOVE this candle!  It can truly make a room smell like you just walked into your favorite coffee shop. This scent has notes of just-ground coffee beans giving it a strong smell with just a touch of cream to add a slightly sweet aroma. This scent is perfect in the mornings, at the office, during study sessions, or any time you need a boost of energy. This is NOT like most "coffee" candles you find that smell like baked goods, or extremely sweetened. This scent contains ONLY fresh coffee in it, giving you a product that smells like pure coffee. Look no further for the perfect true coffee scent. It's right here!  There are no natural essential oils infused in this scent-- the only ingredient is the smell of pure fresh coffee!

3 Size Options, Each Size Sold Separately

4 oz Metal Tin

8 oz Glass Jar

12 oz Glass Jar

Summer’s Market candles are handcrafted in Broken Arrow OK with American grown soybeans - it is 100% soy. Each wick is made of cotton instead of metals, making our candles MUCH safer for you to breathe in. Additionally, our oils are free of the five main hazard groups, certified clean, always phthalate free, and include many varieties of essential oils.  You are actually smelling things that come from the world around you. 

We are committed to providing our customers with clean crafted, non toxic, much safer alternatives for the products you love. You can trust these products in your home.