Spearmint Essential Oil 15 ml By Airome'
Spearmint Essential Oil 15 ml By Airome'

Spearmint Essential Oil 15 ml By Airome'

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  • Brighten up with the gentle and fresh aroma of spearmint. Milder than peppermint, diffuse it to uplift mood and to encourage focus.
  • TOP AROMATHERAPY BENEFITS: Rejuvenate, Focus, Uplift. Aroma is minty and fresh.
  • AROMATHERAPY TIPS: Use during work, study or when doing tasks that require clear thoughts and a focused mind.
  • BLENDS WELL WITH: Lavender, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang. When diffusing, drop oils in your diffuser filled with distilled water. Enjoy!
  • Airome Essential Oils deliver our P.L.A.N.T. Promise. Purity certified, Lab-tested, All-natural, Non-GMO, and Therapeutic grade. Sourced from farmers around the world, distilled, and fresh botanicals brought to you in a bottle.

Therapeutic grade, single essential oils can be used on their own or combined with complementary oils to create custom blends. Each essential oil is specifically profiled to impart unique aromatherapy benefits. Essential oil singles can be enjoyed aromatically using a diffuser. Airome essential oils are sourced from local farms all over the world. We have made it our mission to discover which area produces the highest quality botanicals, and to secure a regular supply of these ingredients to ensure we always provide the best nature has to offer. From Paraguay to Bulgaria, we are grateful for the contributions of regional farms who provide the benefit of wellness for everyone. Our P.L.A.N.T. Promise: Pure, Lab Tested for Quality, All-Natural, Non-GMO, Therapeutic Grade.